Working with WinBox

The WinBox program allows to watch parameters transmitted to routerboard by UPS-MT-monitor. For this purpose in WinBox it is needed to start "New Terminal" and execute next commands:

1. /system console disable 0

This command will block Console, that in a RouterOS by default hangs on serial0 COM-port and blocks him for other use.

2. /system ups add name=ups1 port=serial0

This command activates the program of ups-monitor on serial0 COM-port.

A general view of WinBox, with an open UPS tab, is shown in the screenshot below.


To date, some lines will not show the parameters of the UPS-MT-monitor and may be ignored:

Off Line Time
Min Run Time
Alarm Setting
Replace Battery
Low Battery

Some of the lines shows the parameters of the UPS-MT-monitor and may take the following values:

Model points to the performance of UPS.
Can take on 2 values: UPS-MT-12 or UPS-MT-24.
Version indicates the version of UPS-MT-monitor software.
Serial number indicates the serial number of UPS-MT-monitor.
Manufacture Date indicates the date of manufacture UPS-MT-monitor.
Nominal Battery Voltage indicates the rated voltage of the battery in the mV.
Battery Charge indicates the battery capacity as a percentage of the initial (only running on battery power).
Battery Voltage indicates the current battery voltage in the mV
(only running on battery power).
Line Voltage indicates the output voltage UPS-MT in the mV.
Output Voltage indicates the input supply voltage routerboard in mV.
Temperature The first two digits indicate the temperature of the environment routerboard in degrees Celsius.
On Battery specifies on the mode of operations of UPS-MT from battery.
Can take on 2 values: "yes" or "no".
On Line specifies on the mode of operations of UPS-MT from the network 220V AC.
Can take on 2 values: "yes" or "no".
Smart Boost* the status of external contacts connected to UPS-MT-monitor.
2 values can accept: yes (contacts are connected) or no (contacts are disconnected).

* For software of UPS-MT-monitor version v01.005 and hight.

A screenshots, depending on the mode of operation (On Line or On Battery ) is shown below.

Screenshot of "On Line" mode


Screenshot of "On Battery" mode


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