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Purpose and opportunities.

Your UPS-MT-monitor is designed for remote monitoring of power MikroTik routerboard, which have the supply voltage in range from 10V to 28V. (the models of MikroTik routerboard: B411/411A/411AH, RB433/433AH/433UAH, RB450/450G, RB33, RB493/493AH)
UPS-MT-monitor, in conjunction with the UPS-MT, form a system of uninterrupted power supply MikroTik routerboard.
This allows you to advance to detect a problem with power supply and have time to eliminate it.

UPS-MT-monitor correctly works with any UPS on a base AD-55A, AD-55B, AD-155A, AD-155B, SCP-35A, SCP-50A, SCP-75A, SCP-35B, SCP-50B, SCP-75B, PSC-60A, PSC-100A, PSC-60B, PSC-100.

Connects UPS-MT-monitor the staffing COM port and to the positive power wire PoE routerboard.

We recommend a connecting chart following below.


For correct work of UPS-MT-monitor is important, that tension of feed acting from the side of UPS, at a start or restart was equal to 13,8V(27,6V) in the flow of 1 minute.

UPS-MT-monitor with sewing of v01.005 and higher, have the opportunity of control of the state of external contacts. Depending on structural execution of UPS-MT-monitor, external contacts must be connected to the contacts of official socket (BLS-type) of UPS-MT-monitor as indicated on pictures below.

UPS-MTMback31.jpg UPS-MTMback41.jpg

UPS-MT-monitor with sewing of v03.005 have separate clamps intended for measuring of voltage of battery.
Chart of connecting of battery.

Accessible parameters:

  • supply voltage of routerboard
  • state of supply voltage network of UPS – оn/off
  • voltage of the battery (only when there is no network 220V AC)
  • residual battery capacity (only when there is no network 220V AC)
  • temperature inside the enclosure, where routerboard

Additional options:


Supply voltage range, V 9-30
Current consumption in a stable mode, mA, not more 10
Error of measuring of the battery voltage, mV, not more 150
Error of measuring of the supply voltage, mV, not more 50
Error of measuring of temperature, in degrees celsius, not more 2


Distribution of UPS-MT-monitor.

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