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ups_mt24Bsch.png 1. Purpose.

   Series UPS-MT devices are intended to ensure the uninterrupted power supply for MikroTik routerboard, which have the supply voltage in range from 10V to 28V. (the models of MikroTik routerboard: B411/411A/411AH, RB433/433AH/433UAH, RB450/450G, RB33, RB493/493AH)
   These devices work in conjunction with the UPS-MT-monitor, which is installed on the routerboard.

2. UPS-MT Specifications.

    Parameters UPS-MT-12 (AD-55A)UPS-MT-24 (AD-55A+PSD-15)UPS-MT-24B (AD-55B)
1Output voltage at AC 220V, V 13,825,827,6
2Output voltage at battery mode, V 10,5 - 12,822,5 - 24,821,0 - 25,6
3Output current, A 0 - 30 - 1,250 - 1,25
4AC input voltage range, V 100 - 240100 - 240100 - 240
5DC input voltage range (from battery), V 10,5 - 13,810,5 - 13,821,0 - 25,6
6Voltage disconnect when powered by a battery, V 10,510,521,0
7Capacity of the staff battery, А/hour 777
8Time of work of RB-411 from staff battery, not less than, hour 101010
9Current of charge, not more than, А 0,230,230,23
10Switching time, s 000
11Guard LAN and PoE ---
12Output connector RJ-45RJ-45RJ-45
13Cable length, m 0-500-1000-100
14Type of cable    
15Dimensions, mm, width х height х depth 290х195х80290х195х80290х195х80
16Weight without battery, kg, not more than 5,06,07,0
17Firmware version of UPS-MT-monitor vs01.004vs01.004vs01.104

3. The order of connecting.
  1. Before connecting, the routerboard should be prepared:
    - configure it to work on your network (set the IP and other necessary parameters),
    - install a software package to monitor the UPS.
  2. Begin with connecting to the ground the terminals, as shown in Fig. 1.
Connection diagram of routerboard (left) and the UPS-MT (right)

Fig. 1.
  1. Connect routerboard and UPS-MT by the 4-pair UTP cable - see Fig. 1.
  2. Plug the UPS-MT-monitor into COM-port of routerboard, and connect the wire of the UPS-MT-monitor to the positive pole of PoE.
  3. Connect the battery.
  4. Connect the UPS-MT to the 220V AC power according to Fig. 1.
    The LED of UPS-MT-monitor will light up.
  5. The LED will light continuously during the first 1...2 minutes (downloading time of the routerboard). After that the light of the LED will be periodically interrupted by short blinks (going OFF) each 10...12 seconds, indicating a proper operation.

      Make note that this and the previous steps are performed with AC power (not battery). This is important, because UPS-MT should record the voltage at the switching power on.

  6. Check the voltage at the output of UPS-MT-12, thus, must be 13,8 ± 0,03 V, - on the UPS-MT-24 should be 25,8 ± 0,05 V
  7. The same voltage can be checked remotely through WinBox application. Make sure that the value of «Line Voltage» is 13800 ± 60mV or 25800 ± 100mV respectively.
  8. Disconnect a feed 220V AC - a LED must go out and flash at a frequency of 10...12 seconds. This means that now the power comes from battery.
  9. The value of «Line Voltage» (WinBox application) should be reduced to 12800 mV.
  10. Again, give a feed 220V AC. Device is ready to work.

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