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Dude settings
to display the parameters of UPS-MT-monitor.

Attention! Influence routerboard for work with UPS-MT-monitor as indicated at the beginning of division "Working with WinBox".

    To get the value with the UPS monitor,
You need to add the necessary functions in the section «Functions».


Press   , there is a form of adding new function.


To continue, add the following functions:

Name: ups_ros
Code: ros_command("/system ups monitor ups1 once")

Name: ups_available
Code: string_size(ups_ros()) > 40

Name: ups_online
Code: string_find(ups_ros(), "on-line: no")="4294967295"

Name: ups_batcharge
Code: round(string_substring(ups_ros(),string_find(ups_ros(), "battery-charge")+16,2))

Name: ups_batvoltage
Code: round(string_substring(ups_ros(),string_find(ups_ros(), "battery-voltage")+17,5))/1000

Name: ups_batstatus
Code: if (and(ups_available(),not(ups_online())),concatenate("Bat: ",ups_batcharge(),"%, ",ups_batvoltage(),"V "),"")

Name: ups_linevoltage
Code: round(string_substring(ups_ros(),string_find(ups_ros(), "line-voltage")+14,5))/1000

Name: ups_outvoltage
Code: round(string_substring(ups_ros(), string_find(ups_ros(), "output-voltage")+16,5))/1000

Name: ups_temperature
Code: string_substring(ups_ros(),string_find(ups_ros(),"temperature")+13,string_find(ups_ros(),"C",string_find(ups_ros(), "temperature")+13)-string_find(ups_ros(),"temperature")+13)

Name: ups_logic_input
Code: string_find(ups_ros(), "smart-boost: yes")="4294967295"

Now You must add the probes in the section «Probes»


Press   , form appears to add a new probe.


Select type - Function

Add the following probes:

Name: ups-220V
Available: ups_available()
Error: if (ups_available(), if(ups_online(),"","off-line"), if (device_property("Ros"),"UPS-monitor not found","ROS not found"))
Value: 220

Name: ups-linevoltage
Available: ups_available()
Error: ""
Value: ups_linevoltage()
Unit: V

Name: ups-outvoltage
Available: ups_available()
Error: ""
Value: ups_outvoltage()
Unit: V

Name: ups-batvoltage
Available: ups_available()
Error: ""
Value: ups_batvoltage()
Unit: V

Name: ups-batcharge
Available: ups_available()
Error: ""
Value: ups_batcharge()
Unit: %

Name: ups-temperature
Available: ups_available()
Error: ""
Value: ups_temperature()
Unit: C

Name: ups-event0
Available: ups_available()
Error: if (ups_available(),if(ups_logic_input(),"Input-1","") ,if (device_property("Ros"),"UPS-monitor not found","ROS not found"))
Value: 1

Name: ups-event1
Available: ups_available()
Error: if (ups_available(),if(ups_logic_input(),"","Input-1") ,if (device_property("Ros"),"UPS-monitor not found","ROS not found"))
Value: 0

By double click on the device of network map,
You are getting device window.


    In insets of window, choose: General. You need check field Type - must be MicroTikDevice and marked checkbox RouterOS.

    Go to Services inset of window.
Press   , form appears to add a new service.


In Probe list choose needed service (for example: ups-220V).
Press ОК.
These actions it is necessary to repeat for all probes entered by You.
Now, if switching to History inset, diagramme of UPS-monitor will be displayed.



In contexts menu of device choose: Appearance

In Label field (General tab) insert:


See screen shot below.


Press ОК.

If the probe of UPS-monitor changes status on opposite, then pictogramme of device changes a color.
In case battery power supply, will be displayed: ups-220V and value of battery voltage.

Tuning of notifications of Dude
for the dispatch of parameters of UPS-MT-monitor by e-mail.

For tuning of notifications on e-mail and SMS at the change of status of probe it is necessary: In properties of service of UPS-monitor will include notification.


Add the notification.
For this purpose push the button "...", the list of notifications will be opened.


Press   , the form of addition of new notification appears.


For sending of notification by the e-mail it is needed to choose the type of notifications - e-mail, and to enter a destination address in the field To.

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